Friday, February 8, 2008

my friend jack

Hey guys--this is my friend Jack--acutally he is my two legged sister's "not so fluffy" baby. Jack is soooo tiny. He will be fine though, he has a very mean older sister and he will have to learn to take up for himself. Mom will post a pic of her later. Her name is Lou

Bella's tail after surgery

see, I told you her tail looked weird

Bella's boo boos

its been a while since my mom posted anything new--we (mom, dad and me) have been taking care of my little sister Bella. She had surgery last week --her tail docked (ouch) dew claws removed and spayed. Check out her cool bandages. She is all better now, but her tail sure looks weird

me helping Bella rest

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My new Little sister

This is me and my new little sister--Isabella Virginia--Bella for short. She is annoying when she chews on my ears, but for the most part, I like her. I do have to teach her a lot and we are working on stuff like "not chewing on dad's socks". She is a standard like me, but probably won't be as large as me.